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We are a one-stop provider for debt collection solutions

Digital debt collection and Recoveries are ours

Our out-of-court-service is on basis of "no cure, no pay" / "no win, no fees" basis. We collect accounts receivables, bad debts, overdue debts and open invoices in B2B but also in B2C market.

All procedural steps from the reminder, telephone calls and negotiations to the judicial enforcement of your claim and compulsory execution or even your representation in insolvency proceedings: all from one source!

Wirtschaftsinkasso Köln Deutschland Europa weltweit und international

lnternational Law Firm Germany Feinen supports you in international debt collection, commercial and civil law - Your partner in legal recoveries, debt recovery and litigation

We offer services in international debt collection, in Germany, Europe and worldwide and we work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. If we do not collect, you do not have pay anything.

We are consultants in commercial law, contract law and insolvency law. Our out-of-court-service is on basis of "no cure, no pay" / "no win, no fees" basis. We collect accounts receivables.

However, we would also like to inform you about costs and fees if legal proceedings become necessary or if you are facing a legal dispute.

Debt Collection all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Europe out of court service with
25 years of experience in international debt and asset recovery and court proceedings and all kind of litigation.

We would like to offer you direct data-secured access to your files in order to send us all data and files required for debt collection.

Please use this button to enter our data mask and create a file directly in our office software system. You can choose the English language there.

The transfer takes place via protected high-security servers. The advantage for us is that the data can be transferred immediately to our office software and we can start processing your case straight away. The system is General Data Protection Regulation GDPR compliant.


Online Order Application

Our webFile system

This application allows you to create a file directly in our office.

Unfortunately, a translation of the description into English is not yet available.

The features of our WebFile
From digital file management to uncomplicated data exchange with you: With WebAkte, dusty filing cabinets and huge stacks of paper are a case for the archives!
With just a few clicks on our online platform, every law firm is fit for the digital age.
Click on the button and you will be guided through the data entry process.

WebFile - enter your data

Simple file management and access 24/7
The user interface of the WebFile is easy to understand and can be operated without long training.

We can create and view files online in the cloud, while you submit the required data from home - regardless of your location and terminal device. You do not need to download a programme or install additional office software.
TLS encryption, TÜV certification and hosting in the DATEV data centre guarantee DSGVO-compliant interaction with your actors in every case processing.

One click in the address bar is all it takes and off you go: you can access your digital file on your computer or on your mobile smartphones via a secure login area with any browser.

The WebFile offers us the opportunity to make our work even more efficient and to simplify cooperation with clients.

Whether text document, image or video: Upload any file quickly via drag & drop. Thanks to our online form, you can also contact us easily.

Globel Services

Your access to an exclusive network of vetted, tested and proven Debt Collectors in Germany, Europe and all over the world.

Our digital approach - Legal tech

You are supported by our modern and efficient collections' infrastructure, by all processes, technology and people, to meet your requirements.

We provide our collection partners with the technology and techniques to optimize collection efforts and increase the benefits that accrue to all parties involved in the collection process.

As Lawyers, we are legally bound by confidentiality and professional rules and the attorney-client-privilege.

Our fee-calculator for an overview of costs for lawsuit.

Our new fee-calculator works up to an amount in dispute/claim of 500.000,00 EUR.

The fees for a 1st instance lawsuit in Germany are calculated. These are regularly our minimum fees in full court proceedings.
In individual cases, small fees and expenses for travel costs, translation costs, expert fees and other expenses may be added.
In particular, in the case of previous out-of-court activity, a business fee may be charged, which will be partially offset against the legal fees in the case of subsequent legal action.
The same applies if legal dunning proceedings are preceded by an objection, in which case the costs are higher.

The litigation risk - worst case - is  the "Prozessrisiko" in the event that you lose the lawsuit, the fees of an opposing lawyer are added here, which you also have to bear in this case.

Overwrite the amount in the field of "Streitwert" with the amount of your claim and click "Berechnen".

The "Gesamtsumme" is the total. The litigation risk is "Prozessrisiko".

The use is without any guarantee! It is no offer and not binding in any way. We will communicate the exact fees for your individual case on your request.
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Legal Recoveries, Litigations

We provide global collections services, covering credit control, debt collection and legal recoveries plus accounts receivables as well.

We know from our 25 years of experience that outsourcing can significantly improve your collections by focusing on the specialized service that is important to our clients.

For this reason, our services focus on the speed and stringency of procedural processes and reporting. Our smart collection services ensure that smart credit professionals achieve their goal.

Your benefits

As a Law Firm we represent your interests during all stages of proceedings from the first request for payment up to the enforcement of a judgment.


Our Approach

We contact your debtor in their language with a representative that is located close to the business place of your debtor - in writings (request for payment, dunning letter) and by phone.

We negotiate with your debtor to find a fast settlement of the debt.

All communication with your debtor is shared with you.

A commission fee is only charged on recovered funds.

Our conditions

One-off debts or bulk collections accepted on commission basis.

There are no contracts and no hidden fees.

- all on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. If we do not collect, you do not have pay anything

Our cost-effective debt collection commission fees start from as low as 3%. And we are happy to discuss different rates.

What do we need?
Please send us the invoice, contract, order, Delivery Notes/POD's and all contact details available.

Feel free to contact us anytime!

What we don't work on:

We are not active in cases of criminal complaints and prosecution, criminal law, social law, tenancy law, administrative law, capital investment law, insurance law, family law and inheritance law. 

We are not private detectives and do not investigate on site.

Please send us a brief message stating what the matter is. We will help you further.

Our Law Firm

Our purpose is to deliver the kinds of services, best practice and insights which our people feel is often sorely lacking from traditional collections agencies.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

We are at your service

for all kind of claims like purchase price, all claims based on contract law or commercial law, private or business loans, damages and indemnification, enforcement of judgments of your country.

Consumer debts - Commercial debts - B2B, B2C and C2C

We assist you in debt collection of claims more than 600 Euro / 600 USD / 600 GBP.

Your intention is

  • to find a reliable, competent and experienced partner at the homeground of the debtor
  • to have a partner competent to pursue a claim out of court, also in court proceedings up to legal enforcement of judgments
  • to keep administrative costs and burden low
  • to keep fees and expenses in debt collection and court proceedings low as possible

Your benefit:

no extensive paperwork
no long term contractual obligations
no charges, no flat rates compensation, no membership.

Our offer: It is possible to free our Clients from any costs if we dispose of full documentation (like all invoices, POD, reminder, contract, all contact details, signed PoA, bank details etc.), we assess the legal position strong and we find the debtor not insolvent. The range of the debt is 500,00 EUR-15,000.00 EUR.
Therefore you do not have to pay anything and do not have to care about something.
Please contact us for details and check information below.

Our fees and conditions:

Out of court: no upfront fees
Out of court proceedings are free of charge for our clients ("no cure, no pay"). As our client you come up to pay nothing in out-of-court-activities (prelegal proceedings).

We offer not to charge any commission or contingency fee at all in out-of-court proceedings if

  • the claim is not older than 3 years (1 years in transport industry)
  • we dispose of a valid postal address and all contact details of the debtor
  • we dispose of all documents like invoices, contract, delivery notes (POD’s), CMR in transport business, correspondence
  • we dispose of a signed Letter of Authorisation (PoA), check information below